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Welcome to Weight Loss That Works, the place to be to learn about real and effective weight loss. Why settle for anything less?

For those who consider that being overweight is not an option and want to improve their health and boost their self esteem, the major concern is weight loss that works. With the plethora of weight loss programs and solutions out there, it can become confusing for the uninformed or newcomer.

Many people are tempted to search for fast ways to lose weight, hunting for that holy grail of weight loss secrets which might do magic for them. In doing so, they lose focus on healthy and effective weight loss methods which invariably do require some effort to work. This is why weight loss success continues to be so elusive for them.

Weight Loss That Works — How?

A good strategy and strong motivation are all you need to lose weight; put aside the lure of new approaches and prevalence of miracle diets or products. When you think of weight loss that works, think of the proven way to lose weight: logically combine a balanced diet and regular exercise.

Dieting for Weight Loss

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Eating well can help you lose weight.

Your diet does not have to be too specific or strict, so long as you manage cravings and eat a diverse range of foods that include vegetables, proteins, whole grains, good fats and fruits. The “Healthy Eating Plate” at the Harvard School of Public Health depicts this succinctly.

As sticking to your new meal plans is important, you must create a diet plan that takes in a longer term view, not just the next few weeks, so that it will work for you.

Having a proper diet involves quite basic ideas: eating 3 main meals per day, with healthy snacks in between meals; not skipping breakfast; not eating immediately before going to bed; and lowering the amount of fat and sugars you eat.

A good diet takes care of weight loss nutrition with carefully laid out eating plans. When combined with exercise, this way of dieting translates into healthy weight loss and will allow you to experience only positive effects, instead of having to deal with depression, lack of motivation, the yo-yo effect or unaesthetic weight loss.

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Get regular exercise
and stay shapely.

Regular Exercise is Key

The same simple approach applies for the exercise component for weight loss. Start with basic exercises and change your exercise routine every couple of weeks at first, and then at least every 2-3 months.

Add new exercises and embrace new sports; basically, challenge yourself. While you do not have to reach the fitness level of an athlete, you do need to work out at least 3 times a week — doing this will help you keep weight off, maintain your slimmer body and have good muscular tonus.

Get Ready for Healthy Weight Loss

In a nutshell, this introduction is a taste of weight loss that works: effective weight loss methods you can use straightaway to get on track towards losing those unwanted pounds. And earn yourself gradual, sustainable and lasting results. Not senseless approaches like taking unsafe diet pills, eating fad diets or starving yourself silly.

Realize that you are actually building a new way of life — one that will help you lose weight naturally and stay slim, healthy and optimistic. Make this your goal and don’t settle for anything less.


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