Colon Cleanse for Weight Loss – Myth or Must?

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Poor digestive health can hinder weight loss!
Have you paid attention to colon care?

The number of people who regularly do a colon cleanse can be astounding; for many of them, it seems weight loss is their ultimate goal. These people have varied reasons to believe colon cleansing is a workable weight loss method. Is this yet another weight loss secret?

One reason which gets people thinking they can lose weight by cleaning their colon is that it helps solve two problems: constipation and water retention. These are problems associated with weight gain and the inability to lose weight, so there appears to be a link.

Can colon cleanse really help you lose weight, or is it just a myth?

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How Colon Cleanse Weight Loss Works

The colon, as part of the large intestine, has an important role to play in the digestive system. It moves waste material from the small intestine to the rectum, and in doing so eliminates toxins from the body. If the colon is clogged by food waste, then toxins accumulate in the body instead of being flushed out.

People can lose about 15-20 pounds just by eliminating water and colon waste. In addition, once the large intestine is healthy and free of toxins, digestion improves considerably and this can give a boost to weight loss dieting. So, in a way, colon cleansing can be an initial setup of a weight loss program. Whether it is necessary is debatable, as discussed in this WebMD article.

Quick Health Fact: Your Colon and Digestive Health

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The colon is about 6 feet long and has 4 sections: the ascending colon, transverse colon, descending colon and sigmoid colon. Together, the cecum, colon, rectum and anal canal make up the large intestine.

Unlike the small intestine, the colon doesn’t play a major role in absorption of foods and nutrients. However, it does absorb water, sodium and some fat soluble vitamins, from solid wastes before the latter are eliminated from the body.

Being the last part of the digestive system, the colon is where flora-aided (bacterial) fermentation of unabsorbed material occurs. Digestive health gets a boost when lots of good bacteria are present to fight the bad — this is easily done by taking a quality probiotic supplement.

However, if you want to try colon cleanse, weight loss shouldn’t be your primary or only goal. Keep your focus on improving your health, because doing this will enable you to get that slimmer figure. Having a clean large intestine is one positive step towards staying healthy; apparently, it is also a good way to stay fit.

Doing Colon Cleanse At Home

There are various colon cleansing methods which may be easily tried at home. All of these DIY (do-it-yourself) solutions provide similar benefits.

  • Lemon — this is great when you want to get rid of toxins.
    Squeeze half a lemon into one cup of hot water and drink it early in the morning — this will stimulate bowel movement. It helps if you also eat lots of fiber regularly.
  • Herbal teas — these work as powerful laxatives.
  • Digestive enzymes supplements — they improve digestion and enable waste removal.
  • Enema — this is a popular way to cleanse the colon, but it is less convenient.
    Coffee enema is much better than regular water enema because coffee has the power to stimulate the peristalsis movement of the colon. This is an excellent natural colon cleansing method because it has immediate results but is not habit-forming.

Clinical Colon Cleansing

Many people who are trying colon cleansing for weight loss don’t just settle for DIY methods. They are keen to try, or have also tried, clinical methods such as colon hydrotherapy, which is also known as colon irrigation.

Colon Irrigation

With more people appreciating natural remedies, many are turning to naturopathic methods for weight loss. Colon irrigation is one particular type of enema based on this approach; sometimes herbs are used to cleanse and detox.

Colon irrigation is a procedure which is done in the presence of a professional colon therapist or a naturopathic practitioner. The following video shows a visit to the clinic for a therapy session.

This kind of therapy makes patients feel energized and less sluggish. It takes good care of the immune system because it prevents the body from re-absorbing the toxins that have been filtered out.

Indeed, colon hydrotherapy is seen as an excellent naturopathic treatment that can help to eliminate harmful toxins and bacteria from the colon in a natural and effective way.

If you’re still curious about clinical colon irrigation, here’s a video which shows an actual treatment experience — click here to watch. Viewer discretion is advised, as there are a few somewhat gross moments (like at the 6:50 minute mark).

Prime Your Weight Loss with Colon Cleanse

Colon cleansing cannot be regarded as an actual weight loss strategy, since it does not get rid of fat in the body. It merely removes toxic colon waste, thereby alleviating issues such as constipation, bloating and digestive problems, all of which can be factors that hinder weight loss.

For weight loss that works, it’s back to the tried-and-tested formula of eating well and exercise. When you provide your body with proper nutrition while working to burn off unwanted fat, you are on the way to losing weight in a sustainable and healthy way. Colon cleansing can be useful here, since better digestive health can prime the body to reap full benefits of your weight loss diet plans.

More research is needed on colonic weight loss methods to determine if colon cleansing leads to real weight loss. At the very least, the therapy improves overall health and can make a person feel more energized. This bodes well for a meaningful journey of losing weight naturally and successfully.