Keeping Weight Off – The Missing Piece for Successful Weight Loss

Keeping weight off shows up in weight loss chart

Are you able to keep weight off after shedding those pounds?

Successful weight loss is not just about losing weight and getting the body you have always wanted; it is also about learning how to keep weight off. Ironically, people tend to be overjoyed when they reach their targeted weight loss and then struggle needlessly to stay in shape. Somehow, their weight loss programs did not include keeping weight off.

Staying healthy, looking good and feeling happy are direct benefits of slimming down which cannot be overstated. When these are part of your lifestyle, you are actively pursuing activities, changes and habits that can support keeping weight off. Over time, everything comes naturally and you will then realize that staying slim is possible.

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How to Stay Slim?

Staying slim is not quite easy, but it is not that hard either. In a nutshell, it is a matter of exercising regularly, eating responsibly and, last but not least, seeking positive motivation. All familiar tenets of weight loss that works. Once you’ve lost weight, you should feel proud of yourself and build on your confidence to maintain that new look.

Usually, people have problems staying slim because they do not know how to keep weight off — they don’t understand that it is different from trying to lose weight. Once you are slim, you must make some basic changes in your everyday routine: you are allowed to eat slightly more and do not have to exercise that hard.

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Nutrition and Exercise

Now to the core of the problem. When learning how to keep weight off, you must be focused on weight loss nutrition and weight loss exercise routines. The same nutrition and the same exercises that have helped you lose weight can also be useful to help you stay slim.

Essentially, it’s the same basic weight loss methods but with a slight twist: include plenty of low fat proteins in your diet and change your exercise routine. Continue to eat wisely and nourish your body well. Concentrate on cardio and strength exercises, but learn new moves and other types of activities.

To keep track of changes in your diet, it is a good idea to record them in a food journal. Doing this can help you diagnose any drastic moves in your weight and make necessary adjustments to prevent undue weight gain.

Watch Your Weight

It remains necessary to monitor your weight, albeit on a more casual basis, to safeguard your weight loss. It is enough to get on the scales just once a week or two; as much as it is convenient, stick to the same day of the week and the same time of day. But do not obsess over how much you weigh and let such anxiety affect your life.

You want to be mindful of putting on too much weight and let ignorance sabotage all of your previous efforts in losing weight. However, don’t let five extra pounds make you feel lousy and tempt you to starve yourself for a day or exercise more than you can or should. There needs to be a fine balance here — find yours and live by it.

Positive Motivation

As you continue to diet and exercise to stay slim, remember that you have achieved something commendable and which many others have failed to do. Indeed, it can be hard work to keep weight off; so go on, give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back. And don’t mind this: steal glances of yourself in the mirror, appreciate your new found confidence and feel good.

Make conscious changes to your lifestyle and add variety. For example, seek out restaurants that serve healthy food and eat out whenever you feel like it. Learn to prepare your favorite dieter’s meals. Once in a while, have some cake or even french fries — Yes, it’s ok! And if you haven’t tried it, now’s a good time to include juicing for weight loss.

Take up different sports to spice up your workout program. Enjoy the outdoors when you exercise, instead of staying in the gym, for example. Vary exercise venues, work out with friends, take part in challenges if you’re up to it. Keeping fit in this manner helps you stay motivated and avoid boredom.

Consider these changes as both rewards and motivation for keeping weight off. After all, you’ve got yourself to thank for becoming a healthier person.

Successful Weight Loss — Make It Yours

Learning how to keep weight off is meaningless if you forget why you lost weight in the first place. Think about how you looked before, how depressed you were about being overweight and ask yourself if you’re going back there. Remind yourself of the effort you’ve put in to lose those pounds.

Now, look at yourself — how much better looking you have become; how happy and full of energy you feel; and how much healthier you are overall. This is the result of your determination and commitment to lose weight. You are in control and you can choose to continue staying slim and fit.

Successful weight loss can be totally yours once you add the missing piece to fundamentally sound and workable weight loss methods. Set your mind on keeping weight off and achieve!