Losing Weight Conscientiously – Remember 4 Weight Loss Guide Words

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Need focus on losing weight?
Remember these words and what they mean!

While trying to lose weight, at times you can feel lost in your pursuit, especially when you are alone in the journey.

Not being able to focus correctly on what to do becomes a problem. When you lack consistency, weight loss starts to slow.

Lack luster results then lead to less desire and confidence to stay the course. This downward spiral undoes all prior effort.

But fret not, here comes a refreshing way to hold it all together. We consider this to be a conscientious approach that works.

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Simple Words to Keep in Mind for Effective Weight Loss

In this article, we show you a very different perspective on how to focus on losing weight. We are sure you haven’t seen this before, anywhere. Because it is invented at Weight Loss That Works and is somewhat a novelty. And this simple view can actually sustain you in your journey to lose those unwanted pounds.

How does it work? Quite simply, just remember the following 4 weight loss guide words and how they relate to the correct way of losing weight. Ready? Let’s begin…

FATS — All of Us Love This!

Undeniably, all of us love fatty foods. These are not necessarily cuts of meat that have fat or skin left on. They also include food prepared in unhealthy ways. Just think of french fries or fried chicken or greasy burgers and you’d get the picture!

For sure, most fats work against our effort to lose weight and stay healthy. So, let’s look at and remember well what fats mean:


That’s right — fats are the first thing to go off from your list. If you can consciously avoid fatty foods, you don’t have to fight so hard against putting on more weight while trying to lose some.

Bear in mind that not all fats are bad — it’s those saturated fats and trans fats which we need to avoid. Seek out more of poly- and mono-unsaturated fats in the food you eat, which are considered the healthy fats.

In addition, Omega fatty acids are good for heart health; this Mayo Clinic article explains why. Thus, eat plenty of fish like salmon and herring; cook with olive oil; have almonds, pistachios and cashews for snacks, for example. If you can’t get enough Omega-3 from your diet, consider taking a dietary supplement.

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Easy Weight Loss Tips

☆☆☆ Here’s a bonus tip to top off the 4 guide words you’ve just learned about what to focus on while trying to lose weight.

In case you are looking for a good “definition” of weight loss, we have put one together right here.

Consider using this as your overall guiding principle to achieve a slimmer and fitter new you.

In a

Shaping up

Now that you have a clearer meaning of weight loss, go about it with consistency and determination.

And get enduring success. Perhaps, even inspire others to do so.

VEGS — Popeye Couldn’t Be Wrong

You might be asking: “What’s Popeye got to do with anything?” Well, it’s them spinach we are concerned with. Many people don’t like their greens or aren’t having enough. But vegetables are an essential element in eating right and keeping weight off. How so?

Green leafy vegs contains loads of fiber that are required for proper body function. Kale, lettuce and spinach (yes, Popeye’s favorite) are good examples. Such dietary fiber can help you lower certain health risks, as noted in this National Institutes of Health publication.


The body needs dietary fiber to maintain normal bowel function, which is important for good digestive health.

Increasing fiber intake also helps lower blood pressure and serum cholesterol levels.

Learn more about the benefits of fiber at WebMD.

Eating foods rich in fiber can do wonders for those trying to lose weight. As fiber makes you feel full, you’d tend to put on less calories during meal times if you have more vegs. A great way to do this is to start with a hearty salad, sans unhealthy dressings.

For variety, eat other types of vegs; peas and beans too. And don’t forget to have fruits regularly for a well-balanced diet.

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DIET — Is Dieting Alone Enough?

Our article “Do You Exercise for Weight Loss or Just Hope Your Diet Will Work?” explains why dieting and exercise go together to give you weight loss that works. If you are still hoping to succeed with diet alone, consider the very word itself:


Are you surprised by this “hidden” meaning? Whoever chose this word to associate with weight loss must have had the foresight that exercise is important as well.

Good thing we have managed to decipher it to uncover the wisdom 🙂

Keeping your metabolism up to burn more calories is a key aspect of weight loss. Regular exercise gives you that and more — while you expend calories during a workout, your body can continue to burn off extra after the exercise! The latter effect — exercise after-burn or EPOC — depends mostly on the intensity of the workout, as studies have shown.

Exercise keeps your heart healthy and your body fit. Besides, you get to shape up while you work on trimming down; that’s something which dieting alone cannot achieve.

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GYM — Are You Working Out?

There are many types of workouts you can do as part of your weight loss regimen. Both aerobic and anaerobic exercise are deemed to be helpful here. Whether you swim, run, cycle, do brisk walks, play tennis, etc., try a few activities to make exercise less boring.

One popular venue for working out is the gym. Depending on where you go, this can be a convenient and comfortable environment to get some good exercise done. And if you are in the company of friends who are after the same goals, so much the better. But what should you be achieving at the gym?


Yes, growing or building up muscles is a positive step towards supporting effective weight loss. No, we aren’t referring to those bulges which women, especially, don’t want on their bodies. We are talking about building lean muscle mass.

This weight loss secret about having ample muscle mass in the body is such: muscles themselves need energy to stay alive and do their job. The body supplies this energy by burning calories. Which in turn means muscles actually help you lose weight. Not a bad deal indeed, just by doing some exercise.

There’s no excuse for neglecting exercise; even if you are really busy, you can do this 4-minute workout program at home.

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There Isn’t A Simpler Approach to Lose Weight

There you have it: 4 weight loss guide words that can really help you focus on losing weight and staying healthy. You might want to write them out in big bold lettering and pin them up as reminders.

Cut down drastically on unhealthy fats; eat lots of vegs; get regular exercise and work on building muscles. The essentials of weight loss have been spelled out — it’s up to you to heed them, stay on track and be rewarded.

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