Tempted by Liquid Diet Weight Loss? Think Again!

Fruits, vegetables and juices for weight loss

Can you really lose weight on just a liquid diet?

Weight loss methods come in many forms. Some preach eating less; others say it’s okay to eat more, even eat what you like.

Yet others tout the benefits of exercise for losing weight, but again they can’t quite agree: which is better, aerobic or anaerobic workouts?

Of course, there are those which promote effective weight loss with a balanced approach of sensible dieting and regular exercise. No doubt, that’s the only way to go.

The most tempting of them all are always those ways to lose weight that promise fast weight loss without much effort! When you entertain such thoughts, you will soon realize you got the short end of the stick — such weight loss approaches may show great initial results but don’t work for the long term. It’s almost no surprise when you end up stuck in a weight loss struggle.

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Why Liquid Diet Weight Loss?

The liquid diet weight loss method has gained much popularity. It has been demonstrated to shed pounds rather quickly — perhaps the fastest weight loss possible — since this method drastically reduces calorie intake. This is perhaps its strongest appeal, especially for people looking for convenience.

As a matter of fact, medically supervised liquid diets have been recommended for obese people who need to lose weight extremely fast, usually because their weight is a threat to their health. This article at LiveStrong.com tells you more about clinical results observed and also highlights pertinent risks of such an approach to lose weight.

Weight Loss for Women Tips

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Approaches to Liquid Dieting

There are several liquid diet programs that one can try in order to lose weight. The quickest, but often also the least reliable, are programs that suggest all-day liquid meals. Protein shakes and fruit and vegetable juices are commonly consumed in such diets.

The better way to go about liquid diet weight loss is to take liquid meals in between usual meal times. Such programs often include the consumption of snack bars. By avoiding feeding only on liquids, the body will not feel deprived.

Juicing for Weight Loss

Juicing, with not only fruits but vegetables too, is perhaps the easiest way to make a liquid meal. Compared to other complex diets which may require much discipline to follow, juicing offers convenience yet much variety.

All you need is a juicer and perhaps a blender; the latter is good for smoothies. No need to fuss over hard-to-find ingredients — buy them fresh from your local market or supermart. And you can get some simple tips on juicing for weight loss here.

As an extension to juicing, weight loss products such as protein shakes are also useful. Readily available over the counter, one can easily whip up a tasty, filling and healthy shake to consume as a meal replacement, using the same kitchen appliances.

Everyone can easily make fruit and veg juices and shakes at home. Certainly, this is welcome relief to preparing those more troublesome special meals that are needed to make weight loss dieting work.

Which explains why juicing for weight loss is not just for obese people but anyone seeking to rid those extra pounds quicker and easier.

Risks of Liquid Diet Weight Loss

Liquid diet weight loss may show promising benefits, such as: a quicker way to get slim; an easier method to follow when compared to more comprehensive weight loss methods; no need to exercise; etc. But it is not without problems.

The downside to liquid dieting for weight loss has varying consequences. On a lighter note, restricting calorie intake can slow metabolism, which negates the body’s ability to burn fat. A person may feel more lethargic and have less energy to perform work or exercise. Personal appearance may suffer too and poor eating habits tend to form.

More seriously, due to an imbalanced diet, the body is deprived of various critical nutrients and this could lead to malnutrition and various health problems. As is often seen with quick weight loss methods, results don’t last and the person tends to gain even more weight afterwards.

Interesting Fact: “Beyoncé ‘Wouldn’t Recommend’ Liquid Diet” – People Magazine

An article on People Magazine’s website (people.com), published 8/17/2006, talked about how Beyoncé slimmed down quickly for a movie role. It mentioned that on Britain’s GMTV morning show, she was quoted as saying: “It was a liquid diet where you lose weight really fast.”

When an epic celebrity like Beyoncé, who is always in the public eye and has great fashion influence, says “I would not recommend it if someone wasn’t doing a movie, because there are other ways to lose weight,” shouldn’t you sit up and listen? Definitely something to ponder…

Source: http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,1228173,00.html

Sensible Liquid Diets Can Aid Weight Loss

All said, it does not mean that you cannot use the liquid diet weight loss method. In fact, liquid meals should be a component of a proper weight loss diet. They fit in nicely during snack breaks, so go make those smoothies and fruit and vegetable juices. Plus, drinking plenty of liquids helps flush your system and detox your body.

Successful weight loss needs careful attention — make sure healthy eating plans and habits are given paramount regard. Weight loss nutrition is a very delicate matter that should always be treated with utmost care. Never rely solely on limited sources of food which can deprive your body of essential nutrients and inadvertently force it to slow metabolism — this works against losing weight healthily.

When you keep all this clearly in mind, you can use liquid diet weight loss as a sensible method to help lose weight. Not quite a weight loss secret — there aren’t any, in case you’re wondering — but definitely a great tip worth sharing.