Weight Loss Methods – The Good, Bad and Ugly

weight loss methods

Which are the weight
loss methods that work?

No one can complain of not being able to find weight loss methods — a huge number of them are available, which anyone wishing to lose weight can try. Many may sound good, but they can have bad and ugly sides too.

However, it may just take a lifetime to test them all if you want to uncover weight loss that really works. Perhaps you hope to find some weight loss secrets or the holy grail for quickly getting that slim figure.

This is why it is very important to be able to tell which weight loss ideas work and which are just a waste of time and effort. Truth is, there is just one way to lose weight: the healthy, tireless way.

As no weight loss approach is one-size-fits-all, you will need to be patient and put in effort to shed those unwanted pounds. Bear this in mind: You can’t hurry weight loss.

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Right Ways to Lose Weight — 3 Ideas That Work

Without doubt, it is essential to understand that losing weight is based on 2 core principles: losing fat and building muscles. It’s very important as anyone knowing this starts on the right track towards healthy and meaningful weight loss. And it pays to think of the big picture and visualize how a slimmer body can look and feel.

Losing Fat

Losing fat can be done by decreasing the amount of calories you eat, so that the body gets a chance to burn off excess fat it already has. Moreover, when you choose to eat high quality calories, you take care of the nutrients your body needs. Eating well in this responsible manner can help you to reduce body fat and gain lean body tissue.

While this is one weight loss method you must employ, it is more effective when not done in isolation. Actually, it’s best to correlate fat loss with muscle gain. Though most people consider losing weight and gaining muscles as distinct processes that don’t happen simultaneously, the two go well together to create a successful weight loss solution.

Building Muscles

Muscles need energy to survive and keep working — the body supplies this energy by burning fat. Thus, building muscles is an effective way to lose weight and exercise becomes a very important component in a weight loss program.

When is a good time to exercise? Some studies have shown that it is better to do this early in the morning, on an empty stomach, because that is the time when you will burn more calories. Other studies revealed that cardio and strength exercises are the kind of physical activities that help to increase muscular mass.

A balance between cardio and strength training appears to be the key for losing fat and growing muscles. This makes the workout program less daunting for beginners, who tend to respond better and quicker to less demanding exercises at the start.

Dieting and Supplements

Closely related to fat loss and muscle gain is dieting, which ideally should be accompanied by supplements. You need to ensure your body gets plenty of proteins as they are essential for helping muscles grow and their high thermic effect encourages fat loss. When your diet is not supplying enough, taking protein supplements can be a good option.

In addition, flaxseed oil and fish oil capsules are good dietary supplements to take. These provide the right amount of Omega-3 fatty acids (learn more at WebMD), which can lower triglycerides and boost heart health. Supplements which work as metabolism boosters can also assist your weight loss program.

Dieting can also encompass liquid meals, such as fruit and vegetable juices, smoothies and even protein shakes. While these shouldn’t be used as the sole solution, correct use of liquid diet weight loss can provide good variety and make losing weight less of a chore.

Weight Loss Methods That Don’t Work

Now that you know how to lose weight correctly — through burning fat, building muscles and dietary supplements — it is also important to be aware of popular weight loss methods that don’t actually work. Two such ineffective ways are: taking weight loss pills and following crash or fad diets.

Keep in mind that you have to work on your weight loss; be wary of methods that tell you otherwise. Though it is nice to believe that anyone can lose weight quickly and easily, there are unfortunately no short cuts.

Weight Loss Diet Pills

Weight loss diet pills are probably the worst lot. Such medication promises to deliver spectacular results — quick weight loss without much effort — but invariably fail to live up to their claims. More often, the nasty side effects from taking diet pills far outweigh any perceived benefits. And some pills are known to pose significant health risks — read about it in this Mayo Clinic article.

Crash or Fad Diets

Crash diets don’t work either, though sometimes those popularized by certain public figures sound tempting. Even if you manage to rid of many pounds with a crash diet, losing weight too quickly is not good — it will affect your skin’s elasticity and will expose you to the yo-yo effect.

Which is to say your weight is hard to maintain as it can experience wild swings. Rather, rapid weight loss from crash dieting is not sustainable — when you start to eat normally again, most times you will gain even more pounds than you’ve lost before.

Start Right in Your Weight Loss Pursuit

Remember, you do not have to try all weight loss methods you hear about, thinking you’d do better by adding up the benefits of many strategies. Many methods are not sustainable and do not offer long term results; some might even endanger your health. Be mindful and avoid them.

When it comes to losing weight and staying in shape, start right away by applying the fundamental weight loss principles. You can’t go wrong with losing fat and gaining muscles. And taking the right dietary supplements to ensure proper weight loss nutrition. Quite simply, they are the essence of weight loss that works.