Weight Loss Secrets – What Should You Believe?

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Want to know my weight loss secret?
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Do weight loss secrets hold the promise to uncover the mystery of weight loss once and for all? Many people relate to this notion readily and believe such secrets exist — it’ll thrill them if this much-sought-after holy grail is found.

Those who are trying to lose weight fast tend to concentrate more on some “secret tips” rather than search for weight loss that works. Like going on crash diets to shed pounds quickly. Nevermind if a lot has been said of such unrealistic and ineffective weight loss methods.

Are Weight Loss Secrets For Real?

The fact is that many myths and fads have been advertised as secrets to losing weight; invariably, they do not actually offer the results you expect. Some people have come to realize this and have shied away from popular diets, as this Health Studies Journal article points out.

Still, much of this remains very appealing to people looking for shortcuts and hoping to do less to lose weight. These ideas do appear sensible and reasonable enough to give them a go. On top of this, some weight loss programs openly suggest that certain celebrities endorse their “secret methods” — clever marketing which fuels the belief that easy weight loss exists.

Amidst such heightened promotion and interest in losing weight effortlessly, how do you separate the wheat from the chaff? Let’s look at some popular weight loss “secrets”…

Do Not Snack

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One of the biggest myths that claim to help you lose pounds is eating 3 meals a day without snacking. To be sure, keeping to the main meals in a diet is important because doing so keeps you from eating chaotically.

However, having fewer meals can make you go hungry for longer and overeat at the next meal. And being hungry does not keep metabolism up. All negating factors for weight loss.

On the other hand, giving in to the temptation to snack — a taboo thought perhaps for many dieters — may actually be a good thing. When you eat sensibly between main meals, say have a liquid meal of fruit and vegetable juices, you are doing weight loss a big favor.

Snacking prevents food cravings and helps you feel energetic at all times. It keeps you full, which boosts your metabolism. The trick is to eat smaller meals, snacks included, more often and ensure you get proper nutrition while losing weight.

Stop Using the Bathroom Scale

Another weight loss myth is to avoid weighing yourself. This is targeted at those who obsess over their progress in losing weight to their detriment. Often, such people have unrealistic expectations and impatience sets in to demotivate them.

As effective weight loss is gradual, getting on the scale too often is just not necessary. Even so, you should always record your weight once a week and chart your progress.

Monitoring your weight in this manner removes anxiety and lets you be more objective. If necessary, make adjustments to your weight loss program if you are stalling.

Remember, there is such a thing as the weight loss plateau, but this can be overcome.

Avoid Fats

Have you heard the one telling you to avoid fats totally, since you are aiming to get slim by losing fat? Truth is, fats are essential for good heart health, so they need to be in your diet. Of course you’d have to distinguish between the good fats and bad ones.

Fats can keep you full for a longer period of time — a meal of fish can be very satisfying — so they’re good for losing weight healthily. When your diet is lacking in necessary good fats, like Omega-3 fatty acids, you should take dietary supplements to ensure adequate nourishment.

Eat Early in the Morning / Avoid Eating at Night

Another popular myth says to eat early in the morning and stop eating at night. Yes, breakfast is too important to skip, but you do not necessarily have to eat at 7am or as soon as you get up from bed. Have it at any time you like, preferably before 10am, so that your metabolism gets going and you refuel on energy to start the day well.

Eating a lot before going to bed is wrong because it affects your digestion. But since your dinner is likely to be a smaller meal, thanks to good weight loss meal planning, that won’t pose a problem. As far as your weight loss diet goes, you can have light snacks at night if you feel like so, as long as you watch your caloric intake carefully.

You Need Only This Weight Loss Secret

The above weight loss secrets are myths; so are many others. In fact, there is only one weight loss secret worth knowing: rely on steady and gradual weight loss that is achieved through effort and discipline. This is the only real way to lose weight naturally and effectively.

The same secret also helps you maintain your weight once you get slim. This is the true measure of weight loss success which no other weight loss “secret” gets even close. Now that you know the right way, give yourself a fair chance to successfully get slim.

Lose Weight the Right Way

Eating right and exercising regularly are fundamental ways to lose weight. Weight loss supplements — these aren’t the same as those dangerous diet pills — can assist in your efforts and help you achieve great results. Focus on losing fat and building muscle, because once your develop lean muscles, your body will naturally burn more calories every day.

However, do not be fooled by the “weight loss secret” that claims regular exercise is enough and will help you lose weight no matter what you eat. If you provide your body with empty calories and eat without considering nutritional requirements, you will not have enough energy to exercise and your caloric intake remains stuck at a high. Losing even a few pounds becomes harder, not easier.

Remember that real weight loss that works requires you to make changes in your habits — those habits that are responsible for your current overweight and unhealthy situation. This is done with commitment and discipline and cannot be achieved through a list of miraculous weight loss secrets.